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Firewood is wood that has been cut into pieces for burning, usually in a wood burning stove or boiler.

The Woodsure quality assurance scheme for firewood applies technical standard ISO 17225-5 and certifies various types and species of wood, including hardwood, softwood and mixed products for firewood. Woodsure certification checks length, diameter and moisture content.

In the case of firewood for immediate use in a domestic stove this would be 20%.  Log boilers on the other hand may require wetter fuel such as woodchip and so moisture content on the scheme is not limited to 20% . This does not fall under the government legislation for firewood.

In our Woodsure laboratory, we test the moisture content using an oven testing method, to ensure accurate results. If you want to quickly check the fuel you have had delivered, for firewood you could use a pin meter on a freshly split log, or for chip or hog fuel you could use a specially designed probe or bucket meter. Only an oven test can be used to test moisture content of briquettes.

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