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Chipped woody biomass in the form of pieces with a defined particle size, produced by chopping with sharp mechanical cutters.

The Woodsure quality assurance scheme for woodchip applies technical standard ISO 17225-4.

Wood chips are small pieces of wood suitably sized fuel for wood chip boilers. If owners have their own fuel supply then wood can be chipped directly into the fuel store.

Chip can be fresh and naturally seasoned usually between 25 to 40% moisture content or force dried, usually 15% moisture content or more. The type of chip you order, depends on your boiler, its emissions certificate, operating manual and the installation type . Chip is defined by size, moisture content and raw material classification. The raw material for virgin chip generally depends on the amount of bark as this affects the ash content and melting behaviour of the ash. Ahigh bark content chip generally means increased ash.

It’s important to remember that there should be no contamination in your chip.

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