Woodsure Scheme

The Woodsure scheme works closely with producers and suppliers to achieve the highest standards of woodfuel production throughout the UK. In addition to testing and assessment, we also provide technical and regulatory support keeping our members up to date on industry standards.

What is Woodsure Quality Assurance?

Woodsure improves the standard of woodfuel in the UK and increases the end-user’s understanding and awareness of correct woodfuel usage. Poor quality, or inappropriate fuel affects the efficiency of the boiler or wood burning appliance.

The entire process is verified, from sourcing of timber through to delivery, ensuring the customer receives fuel their appliance is designed to burn.

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The Woodsure approach attempts to minimise the practical and administrative demands upon producers and suppliers, thus helping to keep production costs down.

Woodsure Scheme Standard

The overall aim of the Woodsure Assured Quality Woodfuel scheme is to raise standards of wood fuel and biomass through the whole supply chain.

This includes purchasing timber from a legal / sustainable source to delivery of a fuel specification, providing the end user with a consistent quality fuel.

The Woodsure Scheme Standard can be downloaded here.


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