The importance of wood fuel quality

Woodfuel quality demonstrates that the fuel has met quality assurance and specification tests and allows you to match the most appropriate fuel with your stove or boiler. Being Woodsure certified demonstrates that the supplier understands how to ensure fuel is delivered to you without compromising this standard. These factors are central to ensuring the smooth operation of a wood fuel appliance.

Lower operating costs

Sub-standard fuel from poor quality timber, or lax production and storage techniques, can lead to a range of problems. The most common fuel quality issues that can affect appliance operation are:-

  • Quality and origin of the basic material, compromised by incorrect moisture content, high ash content or the presence of contaminants such as soil or stones.
  • Inappropriate storage of the fuel during production or trading, leading to degradation of the product through contamination or the introduction of impurities.
  • Oversized particles – in an automated system these can clog the feeder that conveys fuel to the combustion chamber.

Buy your wood fuel with confidence

You can be confident that any woodfuel product carrying the Woodsure quality assurance mark is free from defects and fulfils the requirements of the internationally recognised EN and Onörm standards. You can trust Woodsure certified fuel.

More information
  • Use our supplier search facility to find the nearest Woodsure certified supplier in your area.
  • Find out more about Ready to Burn, which is a DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) certification scheme administered by HETAS and Woodsure.
  • More information on the Biomass Suppliers List.

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