How to store your firewood

Should your firewood be above 20% moisture content it will need to be stored correctly in order for it to dry out; this is known as seasoning.

Dry logs burn more efficiently than unseasoned green wood and reduce environmental impact. The following video guides you through the process of storing wood to keep it dry and high quality.

However you choose to store your firewood, never stack it next to your stove, as there is a risk it may ignite. There have been a number of instances where firewood stored next to a stove have ignited and resulted in fire damage to properties.

Firewood is often kept outside to allow it to naturally season, so it may seem natural to store bags of fire wood open to the elements, but when handled incorrectly, even polythene bags can rip and tear. Firewood stored in poor conditions will re-absorb moisture and deteriorate and eventually the logs may start decomposing.

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