What does Pride mean to HETAS and Woodsure team members?

15 June 2022

In honour of Pride Month, we decided to give our team members a platform to express what Pride means to them. As we know supporting Pride is important to them. Below you’ll find their words alongside their photo.


I’m proud to be involved in Pride Month and very pleased that within our organisation there is so much support and encouragement for people to be themselves.


To me, Pride means being proud of who you are and expressing love without fear. It’s about loving and understanding yourself, but also everyone around you, and about standing up for those who have ever been judged for who they love, or how they identify. An important part of Pride is recognising its history, to continue to fight discrimination and to advocate for equality. Pride is about celebrating love and all the different forms it comes in.


We all have a responsibility to call out bias and prejudice if we see it. I have seen members of the LGBTQ+ community grow in confidence in who they are through being accepted for who they are.

Pride month is an opportunity for us all to reflect on how we treat those in our communities and do all we can to be open, welcoming and kind to everyone we deal with in daily life, be it in person or online. Through this reflection, we can all grow, change, embrace and enjoy life, not just during Pride month, but for good.


Pride to me is finding acceptance and joy in what used to be the scariest part of myself. It’s growing as a person alongside my family and friends and learning to love an important aspect of what makes me who I am. Pride is feeling hopeful and knowing that it’s going to get easier for every generation that comes after.


Pride to me is about celebrating who I am free from judgement. I spent a long time when I was younger trying to mould and fit myself into the perception of someone I thought I should be, but becoming part of my local LGBTQIA+ community gave me the freedom to truly be myself.

I’ve found it easier to express myself as I’ve got older, having gained the knowledge and language to verbalise who I am. I feel optimistic for future generations, given the progress that we’ve made in society, particularly in the UK. But it’s important to remember that Pride began as a protest, which is why I’ll continue to advocate for equal rights for all.


Pride to me is love, plainly and simply. It is an event, a movement, and a platform which allows people who otherwise feel they need to hide part of themselves away to step forward. To find people like them and to find acceptance where they might be afraid to seek it in their day to day lives. To find love, in all of its forms. With every year of Pride, we find better ways to put our thoughts and feelings into words and more souls can breathe a sigh of relief as they are seen, properly, for who they are for the first time. People are fluid, no box works for everyone, and Pride helps those who feel lost find who they are. Pride has a great place in my heart. I am very lucky to have found people early on in my life but even I learn more about myself as the years go on. I hope I can help others to that same point when they are in need of it. To make sure people know they can be who they are without being afraid, that they are accepted, and that they are loved.

Let us know on social what Pride means to you or how you’re celebrating Pride Month.


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