Jason Harries joins as Head of Woodsure

24 June 2024

Woodsure is pleased to announce that we have welcomed Jason Harries to the team, joining us in the role of Head of Woodsure. With a long, accomplished background of working with sustainability and innovative sustainable products, as well as within the testing, inspection, and certification sector driving safety and assurance, Jason brings a trove of knowledge to the company. Past experiences have seen Jason working with government departments and leading joint working groups – involving industry, government, and academia – gaining valuable knowledge of certification and UKAS accreditation whilst heading up teams in industry-leading companies that pioneer sustainability.

Experience and expertise

Jason’s breadth of expertise stems from a career focused on sustainability and the circular economy. His experience encompasses a range of products and sectors wherein a passion for reducing our impact on the environment was ever-present. From running a business creating low emission, healthy, and sustainable paints made from natural ingredients to disrupting industry by launching construction products utilising hemp, Jason is no stranger to the expanse of sectors where the environment is a key consideration. His career has seen him involved with some notable projects such as the Shard, the UK Green Building Council offices, and the 2012 London Olympics build where he has been a key player in the advancement of sustainable material usage, significantly increasing the amount of materials that could be recycled back into raw material.

A proficiency for developing products into new and emerging markets combined with comprehensive knowledge of certification and inspection (in the the context of UKAS accreditation) ensures Jason can hit the ground running at Woodsure. Jason was responsible for identifying markets and opportunities for diversification and growth as well as product development for a leading company in the construction certification sector, gaining broad knowledge of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS), CE/UKCA Marking, and the certification, inspection, and testing of construction products and competent person schemes.

Building and running teams in product development and sales and marketing as well as entrepreneurship across various commercial sectors forms Jason’s strong background as he enters his new role.

Why Woodsure?

There were two driving components behind Jason’s decision to join the Woodsure team and take on a new challenge. Understandably, Woodsure’s key position in the wood fuel sector – being the UK’s only wood fuel quality assurance scheme – and how this drives a multitude of benefits on the UK’s sustainability efforts was a large part of what drew him to the company.

The other influencing factor was an amalgamation of the people, culture, and values. When first meeting the team, the open and inclusive culture was immediately evident to Jason. When heading up teams in the past, Jason has always focused on driving a positive culture where everyone is comfortable being themselves, speaking up, and sharing their ideas, no matter the size – helping to develop peoples’ potential so they can flourish. Woodsure’s active promotion of diversity was found to create a healthy culture, aligning with Jason’s values, with the genuine positivity across the company being immediately clear.

Inclusion and equality are pillars of Woodsure, with these values present across the business – it was integral that the role was filled by an individual whose personal beliefs match with these.

Passion for sustainability

Sustainability and the circular economy bring benefits to both businesses and the environment. A successful career where reducing the usage energy and finite resources are employed is the foundation of Jason’s beliefs. Jason believes a business should aim to be sustainable for not only the environmental benefits it brings, but also how it can impact the wellbeing of the people connected to it and the secondary financial benefits.

Jason has noted how he strives to make sustainability a part of his everyday life as well as a key part of his business outlook. An approach where we focus on our local and circular resources, exploring how these can be managed, maintained, and utilised is noted as being crucially important; local renewable resources are what Jason believes should be prioritsed. It is said that it almost feels like common sense to take a sustainable approach – both in business and life. The environment around you will flourish, as will local business and attitudes.

An understanding of the equal benefits legislation and consumer education brings ensures that future projects at Woodsure will continue creating positive changes across the UK, creating a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future.

Upcoming opportunities

Development and diversification are what lies ahead. Jason is excited to bring his experience to Woodsure and help build on the strong work the organisation has achieved across the UK to future the quality of wood fuel, whilst also potentially opening up new opportunities to help deliver a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future. With the same ethos that puts the environment at the core, Jason’s involvement in Woodsure will help increase sustainability across the UK.

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