Woodsure provides a point of difference for chip

17 December 2019

Woodsure provides a point of difference for chip

Independent verification

Independent proof of quality helps to manage improvement and consistency in your product.

Woodsure provides the boiler owner, your customer, with independent verification that you can confidently produce and supply the fuel to the correct standard that they require.  As a supplier you have been audited to ensure that you have processes and procedures in place to produce fuel consistently to the required standard. Checking these processes and procedures helps identify where improvements and efficiencies can be made without compromising quality.

With a Woodsure certified producer of wood fuel, the supplier can provide an independent test certificate showing fuel is the right standard for use.

If the boiler owner is receiving RHI payments, Ofgem are now starting to ask for verification that the boiler owner is using the right quality of fuel.  This is not just ‘have you got virgin woodchip or waste woodchip, or the old Önorm G30/G50 at a particular moisture content?’, it is now ‘can you demonstrate that your fuel meets the ISO17225 standard?’.  Woodsure helps boiler owners transition from their old fuel standard to the current one by providing test results against the Önorm and the ISO17225.  This demonstrates to them the right standard of fuel they require.  So even if they put out a contract for G30 W30 woodchip, saying it needs to be a ‘good G30’, we can assist you in convincing them of the P class and the M class they require and that you already produce this quality.

Using Woodsure to win contracts

Bidding for contracts and getting the right tone and the right price for the boiler owner/operator is important.  Maximising the benefits of Woodsure certification can help you stand out and could even be the difference needed to win the contract.  It’s not just a matter of saying you have the certification, explain what Woodsure certification means and why it will bring them peace of mind.


Another invaluable service Woodsure provides is laboratory testing to support dispute resolution. For example, a boiler you supply is not working and the engineer suggests the cause of the problem is the fuel. However, as the supplier you are confident you’ve produced and delivered the fuel that was required. With the engineer, the customer and yourselves present, you can take a representative sample (or as representative as you can get), from the store and send it to the Woodsure lab for testing.

This test is free as long as the sample meets the standard[1] and helps prevent the finger pointing when the engineer blames the fuel.  You often find that when this happens, the fuel supplier shakes their head and usually just removes the fuel even though they know the fuel is right; the longer the boiler is down, the less fuel they are selling.

These are some of the many benefits and advantages available under your Woodsure certification and we encourage you to make the most of it. If you want to know more, get in touch with the team at [email protected].

[1] Note if the boiler owner asks for repeat tests, and it consistently it meets the standard, they will be asked to pay for subsequent test results.  If any samples do not meet the required specification, you as the supplier will pay for any failure tests.


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