The Importance of Fuel Quality

With wood fuel quality being of great importance Woodsure certifies that woodfuel conforms to a certain standard, that fuel is the correct size and moisture content for your appliance, and that the supplier understands how to ensure fuel is delivered to you without compromising this standard. These factors are central to ensuring the smooth operation of a wood fuel appliance.

How to ensure quality

Certification of fuel quality ensures that the supplier understands what raw materials they need in order to produce the correct quality of product.

They will know how to control the purchase and receipt of the raw materials, checks they must do in order to ensure that the right product is being produced and carry out final checks on fuel quality during delivery.  This will ensure that the customer, when burning the fuel, is unlikely to have any issues with it.

Applying for Woodsure

When applying for Woodsure, you will need to demonstrate your fuel quality processes

This flow diagram identifies some of the steps where controls are put in place to ensure that the product is being produced to a consistent standard.  This consistency ensures the customer has a regulated product that will burn effectively, efficiently and cleanly in their appliance.

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