Ready to Burn Technical Bulletin – from Woodsure and HETAS

9 March 2018

The recent media coverage of air quality around London has increased awareness of this important issue, and how it affects our health and the environment. The Woodsure “Ready to Burn” scheme has been given considerable media coverage and support from Defra. Wood fuel marked with the Ready to Burn label shows consumers that logs are dry and ready for use as wood fuel, and will burn more efficiently than unseasoned, green wood and reduce environmental impact.

In order to help explain the issues surrounding air quality HETAS has teamed up with Woodsure to publish a “Ready to Burn” Special Edition Technical Bulletin. This bulletin includes information and guidance on the benefits of dry wood over wet wood as well as Ecodesign appliances, smoke control areas and shows what leading organisations are doing to combat the problem of poor air quality. Read the flick book below to learn more.

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