Plant Passporting

17 December 2019

Plant Passporting

Information for Woodsure fuel producers and suppliers

Although the finer detail is still yet to be finalised, the introduction of plant passports for timber movements will align the UK with the European Union’s new Plant Health Regulation (PHR), applying on 14 December 2019. The facilitating and introduction of Plant Passports will be by the Forestry Commission.

Responsibility for applying for a Plant Passport is currently awaiting confirmation, but the view is that it will be the responsibility of the person arranging the timber movement after felling.  It is unlikely to be with the haulier.

For fuel processors with your own woodland, this regulation and the application for a passport may impact on you. For fuel processors purchasing timber, you should be looking for a compliant passport as part of the delivery note or incorporated into the weight ticket. Otherwise you need to seek reassurance that the timber species don’t require a passport as part of your ordering process.

Whilst Plant Passports will currently only affect timber from Conifer, Sweet Chestnut and Plane, Woodsure would encourage good Biosecurity working practices are undertaken at all times.  (

Further Information

For any specific questions email: [email protected]

Importing Firewood

Purchasers of imported wood need to introduce similar due diligence checks to either ensure the origin of the timber had a compliant passport or seek reassurance that the timber species don’t require a passport as part of your ordering and purchasing process.

It is imperative that any imported firewood complies to guidelines set out by the Forestry Commission.  Information on the requirements for landing material into Great Britain can be found on the link below,


A retailer of firewood will not need to show a relevant passport with the fuel, but enforcement may be traced back from the point of sale and resellers must be able to provide evidence of proof of purchase if requested.

The Woodsure team is on hand should you want to discuss any element of plant passporting in more detail. Get in touch on 01684 278188 or email [email protected].


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