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Helen Bentley-Fox


Helen developed a passion for the environment and sustainability after being inspired by a visit to the Centre for Alternative Technology as a child. Since then, she has worked to minimise her impact on the planet both personally and professionally, leading her to spend two years travelling over land through Africa, and later return to Malawi for three years with Voluntary Service Overseas helping to develop sustainable rural livelihoods. Her interest in improving the environment has also pushed her to gain two Masters degrees in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development, and spend time as a consultant working on greenhouse gas and renewable energy research projects.

In 2010, Helen began working for Westwoods Woodfuel helping suppliers in the South West to improve the quality of woodchip and at the same time, took on the role of Accreditation Manager for the fledging Woodsure scheme. Helen has since played a key role in the growth of Woodsure as an organisation and became a Director in 2018. She continues to work closely with all sizes of suppliers and producers across the UK, raising awareness of the need for good quality wood and biomass fuel to reduce its impact on air quality and the environment, and helping them to meet legislative requirements in a way that is appropriate and applicable to their business.


Severn House

Unit 5 Newtown Trading Estate

Green Lane


GL20 8HD

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