Fuel quality changes for wood chip

12 December 2022

Over the last few years, there have been a few adjustments to the classification of wood chip to allow for more accurate descriptions of a fuel’s physical parameters. It is common still to see wood chip listed under the ÖNORM standard when you see listings like G30 and G50 wood chip. This standard has been outdated for a few years now and Woodsure is seeking to work with wood chip suppliers to keep everyone up to date with the requirements of the EN ISO 17225-4:2021 standard.

You can read a fact sheet detailing common FAQs on the ISO 17225 requirements for wood chip.

Those who have an RHI claim or BSL number do need to ensure that their fuel meets the ISO 17225 standard and we will be working with relevant registrations to ensure that your fuel meets these requirements. If we or one of our auditors has not been in contact with you to discuss this, do not worry, we will be in touch shortly to advise on the course of action required.
If you as a consumer are unsure what you are looking for in regards to these changes then keep an eye out for P16s and P31s as a replacement for G30 and G50 respectively. They are not direct parallels but are the closest grade to what you would be familiar with and can help when looking for the appropriate fuel for your boiler.


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