Dry Firewood

10 October 2018

Dry Firewood

The Woodsure team, along with Steve Ellis from Elcombe Fire & Wood, have produced a short video highlighting the importance of burning dry firewood. The video compares the use of Ready to Burn firewood against wet firewood at over 40% moisture content.

This video clearly demonstrates the benefits of burning dry firewood, including the following benefits:

  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Increased heat output
  • Easier to light the fire
  • Less smoke
  • Less deposits of soot on the stove door

Dry vs wet firewood video

Always follow the manufacturers instructions for your appliance. The instructions will include clear guidance on the type of fuel to use, along with the best way to light the appliance.  For this video we have used kindling and firelighters, there are a number of methods for lighting fires. These include top down and bottom up.

Our thanks go to Steve Ellis at Elcombe Fire & Wood for presenting this video and to Charlton & Jenrick for their use of the Purevision PV5.

Find a Supplier or Stockist

To find your local Ready to Burn firewood supplier or stockist visit woodsure.co.uk/wood-fuel-suppliers, select your fuel type, enter your postcode and search.

If you are interested in joining Woodsure as a supplier click here to find out more.


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