Addressing Concern About Wood Burning

16 February 2022

The latest statistics from Defra released this week show that PM2.5 emissions from burning wood in homes are significantly less than originally estimated by the Clean Air Strategy in 2019. Based on a Government commissioned report by independent consultants Kantar, the volume of wood burnt in UK homes is estimated to be 1.74m tonnes, which is just a third of the tonnage previously reported. Therefore, the associated emissions estimates are also greatly reduced.

We continue to support the industry as it moves towards cleaner burning with new stoves and appliances having to meet more stringent emissions regulations, and the introduction of legislation that enforces the use of only the cleanest burning fuels certified as such by the Defra-backed Ready to Burn Scheme. By using the right fuel in the right appliance, which is properly maintained, we will continue to reduce the impact of domestic combustion on air quality and the environment.


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